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Here I present one of the most extensive books about soap carving and related topics on the market! What does my book offer:
  • Various soap carving techniques
  • 40 cute tutorials for every experience level
  • Three experience levels
  • 128 pages
  • High quality illustrations
  • Each presented soap can be used for bathing, as decoration in your home or gifts for your friends or family!
What you would expect from this awesome book! ๐Ÿ‘€

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What is inside the book?

  1. Introduction
    1. A brief history of soap carving
    2. Using carved soap
    3. Benefits of soap carving
    4. Advantages of carving soap versus molding soap
  2. Chapter 1: Materials & Tools
    1. Soap for carving
      1. Tools for carving soap
      2. Additional carving tools
      3. Other supplies
  3. Chapter 2: Essential techniques
    1. Getting started
      1. Preparing to Carve
      2. Softening Soap
      3. Holding a Carving Knife correctly
      4. Working with the Templates
      5. Shaping Soap for Carving
    2. Carving lessons
    3. Adding color
    4. Decorating with beads
    5. Recycling soap scraps
    6. Gift-giving ideas

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