Powdered Soap


powder 1 powder 2 powder 3
  • It is possible to make without a food processor or grater
  • Easy and relaxing!
  • Can be used for making decorative patterns in transparent containers (see bottle and jar tutorials)
  • Can be used for cleaning and easy laundry
  • 難易度: Easy


  • Strainer
  • Bowl
  • Paring knife
  • Large spoon
  • Cutting mat
  • Poly bag or jar
    Use glass or plastic jars with flat sides.
    Do not use a jar with an aluminum lid, since alkaline soap causes corrosion in aluminum parts.
  • Soap scraps



1. Place the strainer on the bowl.
step 1
2. Put the soap scraps into the strainer.
step 2
3. Gently shake the strainer to sift out the small powder from soap scraps.
step 3
4. Take the soap scraps out from the strainer and place them on the cutting mat.
step 4
5. Pick up large soap scraps.
step 5
6. Chop the small or thin soap scraps into tiny pieces with a paring knife.
step 6
7. Place the strainer on the bowl and put the tiny soap pieces into the strainer.
step 7
8. Chop the large soap scraps.
step 8
9. Put the previously cut soap pieces to the strainer with remaining tiny bits of soap.
step 9
10. Grind the soap pieces with a large spoon by moving your hand back and forth, until larger pieces of soap will leave on the strainer.
⚠️ It is recommended to wear a face mask to avoid inhaling soap powder.
step 10
11. Take the pieces out from the strainer and chop them again.
step 11
12. Repeat three previous steps, until strainer is empty.
step 12
13. Put the soap powder into your desired container. Finished!
step 13