How to choose suitable soap?

Useful tips for choosing suitable soap

When you want to carve soap, you need to use a soft bar soap. Please use soft, fresh and moist soaps. It's very dangerous to carve hard and dry soaps.
  • These soaps should be:
    • Soft
    • Moist
    • Packaged in plastic bags
    • Locally manufactured (imported soaps are more likely to be dry)
  • Soap should has smooth and firm texture
  • Soap must not be dried up since is very hard and crumbly
  • Don't use scrub/exfoliating soaps
  • Thick soap bars are the best for figurines
  • Patterns carved in a colored soap looks clearer then patterns carved in a white soap
  • Soap brand or price do not matter
  • Both commercial and hand-made soaps can be used for carving
  • You can get the soap even in ordinary stores

Instruction video

Note: the tips for choosing suitable soap are from beginning from 0:51.