How to soften a soap without a microwave?


a soft and a hard soap
Soft and moist soap bars are recommended for soap carving. However, it's hard to tell if the soap is soft or not when we purchase the soap. If you have hard and dry soap, please try to soften the soap. I show you how to do so without a microwave oven. It is the best for the very dry soaps.
cracked pattern
This soap was very hard and I was not able to carve anything.
dry and hard soap
Bottom right: Softened soap
Bottom left: Dry and hard soap

What you will need

  • Dry and hard soap
  • Plastic food wrap
  • Dish cloth (35 cm (13.8") x 30 cm (11.8))
    Note: I used a disposable dish cloth as shown in the picture, but you can use cloth of any other kind, except for fluffy cloths. If you want to use a disposable cloth, wash it well to prevent color transfer to soap.
  • water

Instruction video

Note: instructions on how to soften soap are shown from 12:09.


1. Wet the cloth with water and lightly wring the cloth.
step 1
2. Wrap the soap in the wet cloth.
step 2
3. Wrap the soap in the wet cloth in the plastic food wrap twice.
step 3
4. Leave the wrapped soap at room temperature for five to seven days. If the soap is extremely dry, leave it for at least a week.
step 4
5. Finally, soap became suitable for carving!
step 5