How to adjust the blade of a carving knife?


blade adjustment

What should I do if my knife blade is too long or thick?

Some people think a blade of a carving knife is too long. If your knife blade is too long, you can wrap the base of a blade in a tape to hold the blade and trim the blade with a metal file.


  • Wet the blade with water to cool down it and provide lubrication to reduce friction. First, file the tip of the blade to shorten it. Then, file both side of the blade to make it thin.
    knife shortening
  • I use several different types of metal files.
    diamond file


  • File the knife tip and spine.
    Don't file the cutting edge, because it's hard for non professionals to make the cutting edge thin.
  • Stainless steel blade is very hard, so it takes a lot of time to shorten it.
  • However, it's not difficult to make the knife tip thin. A very thin knife tip makes your carving easier!
w-tool and zigzag-tool