Other carving tools


Carving knives are most commonly used tools for soap and non-soap carving some other tools can be used as well. Using them, you can make creations which would be very difficult or impossible with conventional carving knives. If you need not to carve fine carvings, you can even use small kitchen knive or other common tools.

Carving tools

Carving Gouges

carving gouges

U-tool, V-tool, W-tool and zigzag-tool. These are simple carving gouges for soap, fruit and vegetable carving. These copies are made in Thailand.

w-tool and zigzag-tool

You can easily and quickly carve gorgeous petals with carving W-tool or zigzag-tool.

Example of a flower carved with a W-tool and zigzag-tool.

Sculpting Tool and Substitutes

sculpting tools

A sculpting tool is used for scooping or flattening the inside the object of soap such as a bowl or a box.

It is also used for clay modelling or pottery making.

You can substitute a spoon or binder clip for a sculpting tool.

Pointed Tools

awl and toothpick

Awl, toothpick, or a pin etc. Pointed tools are used for drawing outlines on the soap, make small holes in the soap or make a hole in the bottom of a soap flower.

knife tip

If you have a classic carving knife, you can use the tip of the knife, too.


food coloring

Soap colorant, food coloring, or cosmetics are recommeded for coloring soap because they are skin safe.

cookie cutters

You can easily and quickly make fancy shaped soaps and a small circle cookie cutter is helpful for carving a flower bud.

Craft Glue

craft glue

You can stick the beads to your soap carvings. I usually use craft glue for fabric, wood or paper.

If your soap carving broke, you can stick broken pieces of soap together.