Cosmos Flower

General info

cosmos_flower 1 cosmos_flower 2 cosmos_flower 3
  • Cute water drop shape
  • Perfect fall/autumn decoration
  • Can be used as hanging decoration
  • Can be used as soap for bathing or washing (remove the decorations)
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

What you will need

  • Soap (round or rectangle)
  • Carving or Exacto knife
  • Paring knife
  • Toothpick
  • Cosmos Flower Template (download here )


  • Glitter
  • Beads
  • Rhinestones
  • Craft glue
  • Food coloring with water
  • Paint brush

Soap info

Ichigo Milk soap

Used in tutorial

ichigo milk soap
  • Available
  • Milk and strawberry scented
  • Diameter: 6.8 cm (2-3/4")
  • Thickness: 2.8 cm (1-1/8")
  • Weight: 80g (3 oz)

Floral mild soap

white soap
  • Available
  • White colour
  • Floral scented
  • Size: 7.5 cm (3") x 5.5 cm (2-1/8") x 2.3 cm (7/8")
  • Weight: 80 g (3 oz)

Instruction video


1. Thinly cut off the top of the soap with a paring knife to create a flat surface.
step 1
2. Trace the outline onto the soap with a toothpick.
step 2
3. Lightly cut the water drop shape with a tip of the knife.
step 3
4. Cut the water drop shape out of soap.
step 4
5. Holding your knife at a right angle, cut the center circle and cut off the soap around it.
step 5
6. Trim the edge of the center circle.
step 6
7. Carve eight long indents around the center of the flower.
step 7
8. Holding your knife upright, cut a petal shape in each indent using the tip of the knife.
step 8
9. Cut the soap under the petals horizontally.
step 9
10. Cut thick straight line on the middle of each petal.
step 10
11. Cut two thin straight lines on each petal.
step 11
12. Draw the outlines for the stem and leaves with a toothpick.
step 12
13. Holding your knife at a right angle, deeply cut the stem and the leaf.
step 13
14. Cut off the unwanted soap horizontally.
step 14
15. Repeat two previous steps for left side.
step 15
16. Deeply cut the soap between the stem and the left leaf as shown.
step 16
17. Insert the tip of the knife under the stem and the leaf. Then, cut the soap horizontally.
step 17
18. Pull out the unwanted soap.
step 18
19. Make the edge flat.
step 19
20. Draw the outline for the water drop shape.
step 20
21. Carve previously drawn line.
step 21
22. Draw small marks at the equal intervals.
step 22
23. Cut a semicircle between two marks. Repeat for each interval.
step 23
24. Cut off the unwanted soap.
step 24
25. Make small holes in the scalloped line.
step 25
26. Make small holes at the center of the flower.
step 26
27. Make a holes for ribbon.
step 27
28. Thread the ribbon through the hole.
step 28
29. (Optional) Decorate your soap with beads and rhinestones.
step 29
30. (Optional) Color your soap with food coloring.
step 30