General info

mandala 1 mandala 2 mandala 3 mandala 4 mandala 5
  • Asian themed decoration
  • Can be used as soap for bathing or washing (remove the beads)
  • Difficulty: Advanced

What you will need

  • Soap
  • Carving knife


  • 2.5 mm beads

Soap info

Purple round soap

Used in tutorial

purple round soap
  • Available
  • Master-soap brand
  • Grape scented
  • Diameter: 7 cm (2-3/4")
  • Thickness: 3.3 cm (1-1/4")
  • Weight: 95 g (3.35 oz)

Pink oval soap

Pink oval soap
  • Available
  • Master-soap brand
  • Rose scented
  • Size: 9.8 cm (3-7/8") x 6 cm (2-3/8") x 3.5 cm (1-3/8")
  • Weight: 130 g (5 oz)


1. Carve a small circle indent in the center of the soap. Draw a circle with diameter of 2.4 cm (1") in the center and divide this into 8 equal parts, marking points on right place.
step 1
2. Cut a semicircle in each part of the circle and remove the soap around them.
step 2
3. Cut 8 straight lines in the center to create 8 drop shapes.
step 3
4. Trim the straight edges of the drop shape and carve a small hole at the wider end of the same object. Cut a curved line on the drop and remove the soap along the curved cut.
step 4
5. Make a small spiral cut at the end of the curved cut as shown. Repeat this step for remaining seven drop shapes.
step 5
6. Thinly cut off the soap around the center part and carve a wavy pattern around it.
step 6
7. Divide the soap around the center part into 8 equal parts. For each part, carve a small heart shapes and a curved line between them.
step 7
8. Carve second curved line in each part and a semicircle around the each heart.
step 8
9. Carve another semicircle. Then, carve wavy patterns by the semicircles.
step 9
10. Carve eight pointed petal shapes around the wavy lines. Then, carve short scallop line between the pointed petal shapes. Repeat this step for remaining seven parts.
step 10
11. Carve three narrow drop shapes as shown. Then carve a pointed petal shape. Repeat each action of this step for remaining seven parts.
step 11
12. Carve a wavy line around the pointed petal and carve a large pointed one. Repeat each action of this step for remaining seven parts.
step 12
13. Carve a long pointed petal shape, then carve two small pointed petal shape the larger petal overlaps.
step 13
14. (Optional) Decorate the soap with beads using glue. Finished!
step 14