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  • 20 designs
  • Very easy soap carving project for beginners.
  • Great gift for your friends and family
  • Can be used as soap for bathing or washing
  • 難易度: Easy


  • Soaps
  • Carving or hobby knife
  • Paring knife
  • Emoji Template (download here )
  • Food coloring or soap colorant
  • Water
  • Paint brush




  • 店頭やネットで購入可能
  • ホワイト
  • お花の香り
  • サイズ: 7.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.3 cm
  • 重さ: 80 g



  • 店頭やネットで購入可能
  • グレープフルーツの香り
  • サイズ: 9.2 cm x 6.2 cm x 2.9 cm
  • 重さ: 135g

こども無添加石鹸 soap


  • 店頭やネットで購入可能
  • 無香料
  • 重さ: 100 g



Variant 1: Carve circular emoji base

1.1 Choose one of the twenty emoji and cut out your chosen template.
step 1.1
1.2 Slice off the top of the soap to create a flat surface.
step 1.2
1.3 Trace the circle shape onto your soap with a toothpick.
step 1.3
1.4 Cut the circle with the carving knife.
step 1.4
1.5 Roughly cut out the circle with the paring knife.
step 1.5
1.6 Cut off excess soap on sides with the carving knife.
step 1.6
1.7 Peel of the excess soap for a face.
step 1.7
1.8 Trace the eyes, mouth and eyebrows.
step 1.8
1.9 Cut around the eyes, then remove the soap inside them.
step 1.9
1.10 Carve the eyebrows.
step 1.10
1.11 Cut around the mouth, then remove the soap inside the mouth. Emoji based is done!
step 1.11

Variant 2: Carve circular emoji showing teeth base

2.1 Repeat steps 1-3 for variant 1.
step 2.1
2.2 Cut the circle with the hobby knife. I have used hobby knife.
step 2.2
2.3 Roughly cut out the circle with the paring knife.
step 2.3
2.4 Shape the soap into a circle with the paring or hobby knife (paring knife was used on photo).
step 2.4
2.5 Trace the eyes and the mouth.
step 2.5
2.6 Carve the eyes. I have used the hobby knife.
step 2.6
2.7 Carve the mouth along the outlines.
step 2.7
2.8 Emoji base is done!
step 2.8

Variant 3: Carve emoji base with tears

3.1 Repeat steps 1-5 the same way as for variant 1. You can skip the second step if you use soap chunk left from previous carving, as shown in photo.
step 3.1
3.2 Cut out the chosen emoji shape with the paring knife and the carving or hobby knife.
step 3.2
3.3 Cut the teardrops and remove the soap around them.
step 3.3
3.4 Slice off the soap around the teardrops.
step 3.4
3.5 Referring to the template, draw the eyes and eyebrows and the mouth.
step 3.5
3.6 Carve the mouth, eyes and eyebrows in the same ways, as in steps 2.6 and 2.7.
step 3.6
3.7 Finished!
step 3.7

Variant 4: Carve emoji base with eyes with visible sclera

4.1 Repeat first eight steps for first variant.
step 4.1
4.2 Cut the tongue then remove the soap around it.
step 4.2
4.3 Trim the edges of the tongue.
step 4.3
4.4 Cut the mouth, then remove the soap inside the mouth.
step 4.4
4.5 Carve the circle for the eye.
step 4.5
4.6 Cut a small circle, then remove the soap inside it.
step 4.6
4.7 Carve winking eye.
step 4.7
4.8 Base is finished!
step 4.8

Common Step: Paint the emoji soap

5.1 Paint eyebrows, mouth and regular eyes with brown food coloring/soap colorant.
step 5.1
5.2 Cut off the unwanted coloring.
step 5.2
5.3 If you have used white soap for carving, paint the emoji face with yellow coloring.
step 5.3
5.4 Emoji soap is done!
step 5.4