Chicks and Eggs

General info

chicks_and_eggs 1 chicks_and_eggs 2 chicks_and_eggs 3 chicks_and_eggs 4 chicks_and_eggs 5 chicks_and_eggs 6
  • Easy and quick DIY Easter decorations
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Can be used as soap for bathing or washing (remove the nail polish)
  • Difficulty: Easy

What you will need

  • Soap
  • Carving or Exacto knife
  • Paring knife
  • Binder Clip (or other scraping tool)
  • Toothpick
  • Cutting board
  • Chick and Egg Template (download here )
  • Nail polish

Soap info

Oval lemon soap

Used in tutorial

oval lemon soap
  • Available
  • Lemon scented
  • Size: 7 cm (2-1/4") x 3.8 cm (2-1/4") x 2.8 cm (1-1/8")
  • Weight: 45 g (1.59 oz)

Instruction video


1. Cut out the chick and egg template.
step 1
2. Cut the soap larger than the chick template.
step 2
3. Flatten the top of the soap with a paring knife, then trace the shape of the chick onto the soap with a toothpick.
step 3
4. Lightly cut along the outline with a tip of the carving knife, then cut it out of the soap with a paring knife and a carving knife.
step 4
5. Cut off the excess soap as shown, and shape it into a beak.
step 5
6. Cut off the excess soap at the bottom as shown.
step 6
7. Shape marked area into legs.
step 7
8. Carve the toes.
step 8
9. Trim and round the the edges of the soap.
step 9
10. Shape the head, the body and the tail.
step 10
11. Holding your knife vertically, cut a wing.
Then, holding your knife horizontally, cut off the excess soap around the wing. Repeat with the wing on the other side.
step 11
12. Draw the eyes with nail polish. Scrape off the excess nail polish.
Your chick is done!
step 12
13. Cut the soap larger than the template of the egg.
step 13
14. Trace the shape of the egg onto the soap with a toothpick.
step 14
15. Cut out the soap with a paring knife and a carving knife.
Shape it into an egg.
step 15
16. Draw a zigzag line around the egg with a toothpick.
By inserting the knife, cut the egg into two pieces with a zigzag cut.
step 16
17. Remove the inside of the egg with a carving knife and a binder clip or other scraping tool.
step 17
18. Repeat previous step with the other half of the egg.
step 18
19. Your chick and egg are done!
step 19