Flying Bird

General info

main photo
  • Great gift for your friends and family
  • Perfect room decorations!
  • Difficulty: Basic

What you will need

  • Soap
  • Carving or Exacto knife
  • Paring knife
  • Toothpick
  • Flying Bird Template (download here )

Soap info

Rebatched soap

Used in tutorial

rebatched soap
  • Size: 7 cm (2-7/8 in) x 5 cm (2 in) x 2.5 cm (1 in)
  • Go here for info about rebatching soap.
  • Still, you can use newly bought soap.

Instruction video


1. Thinly cut off the top of the soap with a carving or paring knife to create a flat surface.
step 1
2. Place the bird template on the soap and trace the shape of the bird on your soap with a toothpick.
step 2
3. Holding your carving knife at a right angle, deeply cut the bird shape.
step 3
4. Tilt your knife, cut off the soap around the bird and trim the edge of the bird.
step 4
5. Mark two dots in the wing as shown on the photo using toothpick.
step 5
6. Hold the carving knife at a right angle and cut a scalloped line as shown in the picture. Nextly, tilt your knife and cut off the soap along the scalloped line.
step 6
7. Carve the second row of the feathers in the same way. Each feather of the second row is placed between the feathers of the previous row.
step 7
8. Carve the third row of the feathers in the same way.
step 8
9. Carve three lines in the edge of the wing and carve two lines in the tail.
step 9
10. Cut the top of the soap around the bird to make it level.
step 10
11. Draw two leaves in the top right corner and the bottom left corner of the soap with a toothpick.
step 11
12. Carve the two leaves along the outlines, then cut off the soap between the two leaves. Carve a leaf between the two leaves.
step 12
13. Repeat previous step for three leaves on the bottom left corner. Make some holes along the edge of the soap.
step 13
14. Done!
step 14