Snow Reindeer

General info

snow_reindeer 1 snow_reindeer 2 snow_reindeer 3 snow_reindeer 4 snow_reindeer 5 snow_reindeer 6
  • Easy and fun winter craft, though making antlers is a bit difficult.
  • Can be used as soap for bathing or washing (remove the nail polish)
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

What you will need

  • 2 Soap bars
  • Carving or Exacto knife
  • Paring knife
  • Toothpick
  • Cutting board
  • Nail polish
  • Paper clip
  • Snow Reindeer Template (download here )

Soap info

Chemical free soap

Used in tutorial

chemical free soap
  • Available
  • Fragrance-free
  • Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz)

Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar

Used in tutorial

shea butter dove bar
  • Available
  • Unilever brand
  • Shea Butter and Vanilla scented
  • Length: 8.3 cm (3-1/4")
  • Width: 6 cm (2-3/8")
  • Thickness: 1.5-3 cm (5/8-(1-1/4)")
  • Weight: 106 g (3.75 oz)

Instruction video

Note: Instructions on how to carve the Snow Reindeer begin from 4:56.


1. Thinly cut off the top and bottom of your soap to remove the brand logo and create a flat surface.
Cut out the snow reindeer templates.
Trace the reindeer's shape onto the soap with a toothpick.
step 1
2. Lightly cut along the outline with a point of a knife, then cut out the reindeer's shape a bit bigger than the outline you traced in previous step.
step 2
3. Cut off the excess soap with a carving knife.
step 3
4. Cut off the excess part of ears highlighted in pink.
step 4
5. Round the edges of the front and back.
step 5
6. Trim and shape the ears.
step 6
7. Using another bar of soap, make an antler.
Place the antler template onto a piece of soap and trace it with a toothpick.
step 7
8. Roughly cut out the shape with a paring knife.
step 8
9. Cut off the excess soap around the outline.
step 9
10. Cut out the inside of the antler and shape it.
step 10
11. Repeat steps 7-10 to make the other antler. Check if they are symmetrical.
step 11
12. Place the muzzle template onto a piece of soap and trace it with a toothpick.
Then, shape it into a muzzle like a dome.
step 12
13. Place the muzzle on the reindeer's face and trace around the edge of it.
step 13
14. Holding your knife vertically, cut along the muzzle shape and cut off the inside. Then, scrape out the inside with a paper clip.
step 14
15. Place the muzzle on the face.
Tip: If there is any gap, fill it with soap scraps.
step 15
16. Carve the nose and the mouth in the muzzle.
step 16
17. Draw two legs on the body with a toothpick, then carve them.
step 17
18. Make two holes in the head, then place the antlers in them.
Tip: Apply little water to fix them.
step 18
19. Paint the eyes with nail polish and remove the excess polish with a carving knife.
step 19
20. Carve the tail in the back. Done!
step 20