Soap scraps usage ideas



During soap carving, soap scraps always are left behind. Throwing them away is very bad option, since it is the waste of material. And every kind of waste negatively contribute to the environment and production of soap costs something. Moreover, soap scraps can be easily recycled, using simple and common tools. Here I present several ways on how to use soap scraps.

Scrap usage ideas

Mini Hearts

mini hearts

Mini heart soap can be very easily cut from soap flakes. They can be packed to the containers which can be used as decorations or the container of the soaps for multiple uses.

3D Hearts

3D hearts

Cute hearts which can be used as decorative cosmetic as well as for gift for your friends and family.

Sponge and Soap Saver Pouch for Soap

sponge with pouch

It is very practical way on how to use soap scraps. It is also very, very simple, since only things you have to do, to cut the pouch on the sponge if it is not already present in the sponge and put the soap scraps into the pouch. Sponge with soap pieces is very fun and pleasant to use, since it lathers very well.

Soap Cake Pops

cake pops

Easy and cute soap cake pops. I have made two types: regular and for Halloween.

Ice Cream Cats

ice cream cats

A bit more complex scrap recycling idea but still relatively easy. However, these look very cute and they are perfect decoration for summer of cafe-themed rooms.

Powdered Soap


Very easy and practical recycled type of soap. It is good for decorations and washing. It can be turned to a very good and environment-friendly detergent.

Bottle with Powdered Soap

powder bottle

Bottle with the layers of powdered soap in various colours. Very cute decoration.

Jar with Powdered Soap

powder jar

Jar with the layers of powdered soap in various colours and with the soap attached to the side wall. Very cute and creative decoration.

Laundry Detergent

laundry detergent

Very handy and environment-friendly enhancement of the soap powder which can be used instead of conventional detergent.

DIY Soap

diy soap

Very easy-to-make soap which can be used for washing or the next carving.